Zodiac Cerateristic


Impatience, silly arguments, allowing fear to limit choices.

Charismatic marks:
Athletic body, youthful attitude, a need to take the lead.

Comfortable clothes, taking the lead, physical challenges,
individual sports.

Inactivity, delays, work that doesn’t use one’s talents.

Best environment:
Any situation that requires action, courage in the face of
fear, competition, and freedom of choice. Aries
individuals are better outside being active than staying
close to home.

Famous Aries:
Russell Crowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick,
Mariah Carey, Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, Tennessee
Williams, Thomas Jefferson, Elton John, Celine Dion,
Diana Ross, Leonard Nimoy, Aretha Franklin, Francis
Ford Coppola, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Al Gore


Dependable, patient, musical, practical. Weaknesses:
Stubborn, uncompromising, possessive. Charismatic

Solid, big bones, tendency to gain weight. Likes:
romance, high-quality clothing.

Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind,
synthetic fabrics.

Best environment:
A secluded home close to nature. Good food is also
important. Beauty and comfort are a must.

Famous Taureans:
Randy Travis, Jack Nicholson, Cate Blanchett, George
Clooney, David Beckham, Audrey Hepburn, Charlotte
Bronte, Cher, Frank Capra, Bono, Billy Joel, Michelle
Pfeiffer, Barbra Streisand, Sigmund Freud, Katharine
Hepburn, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Seinfeld, Queen
Elizabeth II, Bing Crosby, Candice Bergen, William


Curiosity, ability to share ideas, adaptable, affectionate,

Scattering energy in too many places at once, fickle in
love, nervous, short attention span.

Charismatic marks:
Expressive eyes, quick, bright, often small-boned, refined

Music, magazines, books, music, blogs, chats with nearly
anyone, short trips around town.

Repetition and routine, being alone, being confined. Best

Any busy neighborhood, places where people gather to
gossip, bookstores, museums.

Famous Geminis:
Hugh Laurie, Johnny Depp, Rudy Giuliani, Angelina Jolie,
Nicole Kidman, Helena Bonham Carter, Allen Ginsburg,
William Butler Yeats, Miles Davis, Norman Vincent Peale,
Frank Lloyd Wright, Anne Frank, Thomas Hardy, Queen
Victoria, Michael J. Fox, Bill Moyers, Alanis Morissette,
Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Bob
Dylan, Bob Hope.


Compassion, emotional sensitivity, fierce protection of
loved ones, tenacity.

Manipulative, indirect conflict, clinging to the past,
insecure, packrat.

Charismatic marks:
to take charge.

Relaxing near or in water, art, home-based hobbies, a good
meal with friends, helping loved ones.

Strangers, revealing of personal life, any criticism of Mom.

Best environment:
Cancer will always be most comfortable at home, close to
family, familiar things, and dear friends.

Famous Cancers:
Liv Tyler, Pamela Anderson, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise,
Tom Hanks, Princess Diana, John Glen, Courtney Love,
Rembrandt van Rijn, Twyla Tharp, The Dalai Lama,
Harrison Ford, Henry David Thoreau, Meryl Streep, Kevin
Bacon, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson, Henry
VIII, Louis Armstrong, Ernest Hemingway.


Warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity, passion, generosity.

Arrogance, stubbornness, inflexibility, self-centeredness,

Charismatic marks:
Regal manner, powerful, strong, muscular.

The theater, being admired, taking holidays, fun with
friends, expensive things, bright colors.

Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being king or

Best environment:
In the sun! Also any place where Leo has a chance to be
creative or shine in front of others.

Famous Leos:
Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas, Steve Carell, Barack
Obama, Casey and Ben Affleck, Whitney Houston, Fidel
Castro, George Bernard Shaw, Madonna, Andy Warhol,
Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Alfred Hitchcock, Mae
West, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Robert De Niro,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stanley Kubrick, Peter O’Toole,
Emily Bronte, Bill Clinton.


Practical, loyal, hardworking, analytical, kind.

Worry, shyness, overly critical of self and others, all
work and no play.

Charismatic marks:
A certain, reserved manner marks the classic Virgo.
Virgos are generally medium to slight in build.

Cleanliness, animals, healthy foods, books, nature.

Taking center stage, rudeness, asking for help. Best

Virgo is most at home in the company of animals and
close to nature. Virgo likes power and enjoys being the
sidekick or indispensable assistant.

Famous Virgos:
Stephen King, Charlie Sheen, Mother Teresa, Sophia
Loren, Mickey Mouse, H.G. Wells, Michael Jackson,
Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, Oliver Stone, Dorothy
Parker, Julio Iglesias.


Charismatic marks:
Attractive, graceful, medium build, no sharp features.

Harmony, sharing with others, gentleness, the outdoors.

Injustice, violence, conformity, and loudmouths.

Best environment:
Any place that is beautiful where the company is
harmonious. Very social and happiest doing things in the
company of another.

Famous Librans:
Dwight Eisenhower, Groucho Marx, Sarah Ferguson,
Sting, Mickey Rooney, Truman Capote, Julie Andrews,
George Gershwin, Mahatma Gandhi, F. Scott Fitzgerald,
Barbara Walters, Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, Susan
Sarandon, Christopher Reeve, Will Smith, Bruce
Springsteen, Paul Simon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carrie Fisher,
John Coltrane


Passionate, stubborn, resourceful, brave, a true friend.

Jealous, distrusting, secretive, violent, caustic.

Charismatic marks:
An intense look in the eyes, muscular.

Truth, facts, being right, teasing, longtime friends, a grand
passion, a worthy adversary.

Dishonesty, passive people, revealing secrets. Best

Dark, sensuous places, any situation that offers power or
rouses strong feelings.

Famous Scorpions:
Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Combs, Julia
Roberts, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Theodore Roosevelt,
Charles Manson, Billy Graham, Pablo Picasso, Richard
Burton, Calista Flockhart, George Eliot, Pablo Picasso,
Jodie Foster, Larry Flynt, Jane Pauley, Dan Rather,
Bonnie Raitt, Demi Moore.


Great sense of humor, idealistic, generous.

Will say anything no matter how undiplomatic, promises
more than can deliver, can be impatient to the point of

Charismatic marks:
Open and interested. Generally tall, strong legs. Clothes
for comfort, not style. Women act in a “tomboy” manner.

Travel, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy.

Details, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, clingy

Best environment:
Outside, on the move.

Famous Sagittarians:
Steven Spielberg, Mark Twain, Tina Turner, Jimi
Hendrix, Christina Applegate, Frank Sinatra, Joe
DiMaggio, Noel Coward, Walt Disney, Winston
Churchill, Woody Allen, Brad Pitt, Jane Austen, Emily
Dickinson, Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison.


Responsible, good managers, disciplined, self-control,
dark sense of humor.

Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the

Charismatic marks:
Medium build, can get in shape with effort but tends to be
a bit soft.

Family, tradition, quality craftsmanship, understated
status, music.

Almost everything at some point.

Best environment:
Positive work situation, urban environments with culture
and style, anyplace to be in charge.

Famous Capricorns:
Mary J. Blige, Nicholas Cage, Ricky Martin, Kid Rock,
Denzel Washington, Edgar Allen Poe, Cary Grant, Henry
Miller, Nicholas Cage, Stephen Hawking, David Bowie,
Jim Carrey, Muhammad Ali, Humphrey Bogart, Isaac
Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley


Progressive, original, humanitarian, independent.

Runs from emotional expression, uncompromising,
temperamental, aloof.

Charismatic marks:
Good looks, beautiful eyes, angular faces, thin build.

Fun with friends, fighting for causes, helping others,
intellectual conversation, a good listener.

Limitations, being lonely, broken promises, dull or boring
situations, people who disagree with them. Best

Any gathering of people to exchange ideas.

Famous Aquarians:
John Travolta, Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Jennifer
Aniston, Toni Morrison, Charles Darwin, Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart, James Dean, James Joyce, Virginia
Woolf, Paul Newman, Michael Jordan, Norman Rockwell,
Charles Dickens, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln,
Franklin D Roosevelt, Clark Gable, Oprah Winfrey.


Intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, musical.

Can be a victim or martyr, fearful, overly trusting, sad,
desire to escape reality.

Charismatic marks:
Soft, sometimes frail to medium build. Face easily
shows emotion.

Spiritual themes, time alone, visual media, time to sleep,
romance, music, swimming.

Know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being
criticized, cruelty of any kind.

Best environment:
On or near water, especially the sea. The movie theater.

Famous Pisceans:
Drew Barrymore, Benicio Del Toro, Tommy Lee, Bruce
Willis, Cindy Crawford, Jerry Lewis, George
Washington, John Steinbeck, Rudolf Nureyev,
Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Glen
Close, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ralph Nader, Kurt
Cobain, Roger Daltry, Bobby Fischer.


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