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Educated Calls it Mythology

Every ancient civilizations of the world had their own set of stories, traditions and beliefs. Perhaps, the things like Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, Horoscope, Fengshui etc. finds its root in those days. Truthstar revisits these hidden and unseen energies which influence your daily life.

In accepted or unaccepted form, all these things had its presence in all the ages. The modern and educated class brings all these things together under one word called Mythology.This is a true fact that when it comes to recognizing the so called ‘mythological’ things, many of us becomes a hypocrite. And we hesitate to accept its existence. It may be called by any name, we may think anything about it, but the truth perhaps is that somewhere in our heart, we think about it.

With the web portal like Truthstar, you get a wonderful opportunity to eliminate your hesitation. The reason being that now all this information related to your planets, stars, sunsigns etc. that influence your daily life can be procured online. If you want a Mahurat, if you want to more on Vaastu Shastra or if you want to know what your sunsign has to tell about the influences on your life; you can do all this in complete privacy.

Getting these information online, saves you from the quacks who claim to know about the things like Astrology and Horoscope. With the online portal like Truthstar, you get to know online about the benefits of Yoga and Pranic Healing. You get to know sitting at home, about all the possitive and negative energies present in the environment. These certainly influences your life and so you must step ahead to know more on this.

Truthstar-About Peace and Happiness

Truthstar is an online global platform which educates you about the widespread mythological fields, but a true science like Numerology, Astrology, Horoscope, Yoga, Pranic Healing and many such things. Truthstar takes you to the mysterious world of positive enrgies which is present around us but we don’t recognize it in our daily life.Truthstar saves you from getting misguided by the quacks those who claim to be the knowers of these mythological science of many of the ancient civilizations of the world. Some of the things which you will come to know on Truthstar are:

Numerology is the study of numbers. The time, day and the year of your bith has a great influence on your day to day life.

The heavenly bodies, the stars and the planets also influence our daily life. The study of that interpretation is known as the Astronomy.

According to the time and day of your birth, you fall under a Zodiac Sign. Horoscope tells you about the influence that it can make in your life.

Vaastu Shastra:
In the ancient days the Rishi’s felt the need to unite the different positive energies present in the different directions. Vaastu Shastra teaches about these energies. It basically tells you which direction would bring positive effects in your life.

Started somewhere in China, Fengshui literally translates as ‘wind-water’ in English. The knowledge of Fengshui was also used for the buliding of the significant strutures like tombs and also for the dwelling and other structures in a positive manner.

Yoga is all about learning to live with your ownself. It modern people thought it to be obsolete but due to its efficiency and effectiveness, it has again made a paramount place in the people’s life. Yoga is a form of meditation which brings peace and happiness in your life.

Apart from all these things, Truthstar tells you about the mysterious science like Pranic Healing and Graphology. At Truthstar, you can choose the Mahuratas for any of your ocassions. In simple words, Truthstar enables you to understand yourself the true science of all the above mentioned things which is certainly an integral part of your daily life. Truthstar has many secrets which when explored, will tell you about the ways, to bring peace and stability in your life. It is all about the trust and belief.


~ by Dian Maya on February 8, 2012.

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